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Depuis 2021, le Centre Alpin de la Main et du Membre supérieur propose un fellowship.

Initiated in 2021, the fellowship program proposed by the Alpine Hand and Upper extremity Surgery offers opportunities to trained orthopaedic or plastic surgeon to specialize in specific fields.
The 6 senior surgeons are all members of scientific societies such as French hand society (GEM- SFCM), arthroscopic French society.
Two have the European hand diploma of the FESSH wich allows the group to integrate the FESUM (fédération des Services Urgences Main) and to be a referal center for hand traumas.

Dr Larisa
Larisa enjoying a team building day on the lake

Dr Larisa ZAHAN
Novembre 2021 – Mai 2022
Larisa came from in Romania.
Before joining us , she was Resident in the orthopaedic unit of Thonon les Bains Hospital.
She is an enthousiastic surgeon, most interested in hand surgery We can guess that she enjoyed her fellowship, in operating theater as in sharing good time with the whole team.

Dr Mosca

Dr Angelo MOSCA
Mai 2023 – octobre 2023

Angelo joined the team in mai 2023, just after a 6 months period in Universitary hospital of Grenoble , pediatric surgery unit Pr aurelien
Angelo graduated in Milano -Italy
He has special interest in sport injuries and shoulder surgery. But enjoys also to take in charge all types of upper limb traumas.

He is actually leading a research work on humeral hemiarthroplasties with more than 10 years followup. Also fantastic tiramisu cooker, strong coffees addict and supposed to be a carbonara pastas maestro we’ll see.